A Very Magical Day

The children have loved their first magical half term in Year 2. They have found out about different witches and written some instructions for their favourite sandwiches. They especially enjoyed their Magic Day in school and all looked amazing!

They were incredibly busy little witches and wizards today. Winnie the Witch asked them to help her make a special potion. They spent the morning making truly disgusting potions using the ingredients that she left. In the afternoon they decorated magical biscuits, painted magical pictures and played magical games. Everyone had a fantastic day and were very tired witches and wizards by the end of the day! Look at our photos below to see some of the highlights of the day.


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Minibeast Fun

In science we have been learning about different habitats and what living things need. We were very excited to explore micro-habitats more with a minibeast hunt. We found so many different minibeasts and some of us held them too! We know what conditions they really like.

What can you see in the pictures?

image image image image image

Mysterious Magic!

This morning Year 2 were very surprised by what they found in their classroom. On the floor was a magic spell, a wand and a cleaning spray.


They spent the afternoon trying to figure out who the mysterious visitor could be and created a list of questions.

*Why did you leave a mess?                          *What is your name?

*How did you get into school?                      * Is the spell for cleaning?

*Why did you leave your wand?                   * Are you a good or bad witch?

They then drew what they thought the mystery visitor might look like and wrote some descriptive sentences. Some of their drawings are below.


A Dahlicious Day

Yesterday we had an amazing day to celebrate what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. All of the children wore ‘BFG ears’ to get into the spirit of things and spent the morning making scrumptious snozzcumber sandwiches. After writing the instructions (so they could make them for you at home!) they enjoyed a reading session with Year 5, where they shared their favourite books and learnt about Roald Dahl. In the afternoon they enjoyed their snozzcumber sandwiches and frobscottle drink during a celebratory party. It was a lovely day and a great celebration.

image image image image image image

Exploring Number

 This week the children are developing their understanding of number using a range of equipment. They have been exploring numbers, and the different ways to make them, using egg boxes, numicon, cubes, stacking counters and tens frames. Knowing numbers ‘inside out’ and understanding how to make each number will make them super mathematicians in Year 2. Can you see the different ways that they made certain numbers below?