In maths we have looked at symmetry. We have found lines of symmetry in 2d shapes, completed symmetrical patterns and sorted shapes based on if they are symmetrical. Some of the children made their own beautiful butterflies to help us understand symmetry.


Biscuit Characters

This week the children in Year 2 have been busy creating their own biscuit bears who will star in their Biscuit Bear adventure stories. They thought carefully about how to decorate their bears to reflect their personalities using brightly coloured icing and a variety of sprinkles and decorations. The bears looked good enough to eat!!

A messy intruder!

Last week Year 2 were very alarmed to find that somebody had broken into the classroom and left a peculiar mess in the middle of the night! Using their impressive detective skills, the children analysed the clues and collected evidence, before creating a ‘wanted poster’ to help to identify the suspect. As they had found baking ingredients, and there were little paw prints left in the flour, most of the children thought that the intruder might have been a bear…and the next morning their suspicions were confirmed!  They received a letter of apology from Biscuit Bear and a book all about him.


Healthy Pitta Pizzas

Year 2 could open their own pizza parlour after becoming experts at making healthy pitta pizzas. Focusing on the importance of a balanced meal we made sure that we included food for energy,  (pitta bread) foods for growth (cheese, ham) and foods for health (vegetables). The children loved making their pizzas and enjoyed eating them even more!

A Fruit Sensation!

We have been learning about how to be healthy and how to write instructions. We had a special treat one afternoon to taste a variety of fruit in order to design our very own fruit smoothie. We tried them all, decided if we liked them and described them using adjectives. We then put this information into a bar graph before designing our smoothies. We thought carefully about the name, design and a catchy slogan. We bet you would want to buy some!

Party Day

Friday was party day for all the children in Year 1 and 2. We had a day full of fun with games, biscuit decorating, craft making and a fantastic disco! We all looked wonderful in our Christmas and party clothes and certainly did lots of dancing!

Our AMAZING Nativity

The Magical Christmas Box was a wonderful Nativity play. Year 2 have made us extremely proud with their hard work and talent. They learnt their lines, danced brilliantly and produced a fantastic play. We hope you all enjoyed it!

Hour of Code

This week, all of the children got the chance to complete an hour of code. They really enjoyed using espresso on the iPads to show off their skills. They were able to create code to make things move, change and even disappear! The session finished with them designing their own mini game.

A big thanks to the Year 5 Digital Leaders who came to help us.

Marvellous Materials

In Science, Year 2 have been very busy learning all about different materials, and which materials are the most suitable to use for different items. They can explain why certain materials need to be used and which are unsuitable. They have enjoyed sorting materials, exploring and identifying their properties and describing their uses.

Why not ask your child about different materials they can see around the house and why they are made of that.

Bonfire Night

Year 2 have really enjoyed their poetry topic linked to Bonfire Night. They used all of the senses to create descriptive phrases all about Bonfire Night and Fireworks. They worked really hard to use adjectives, similes, interesting verbs and adverbs.

Look at some of their best ideas.

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